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We are Dreamcloud Interactive, an Independent Game and App Developer in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The Studio was founded in 2021 with the intention to create awesome games that not only captivate player with their Gameplay and Art Design but also through the stories that have their roots in our real world. We are a small group of lifelong passionate gamers that made their dream come true by creating our own games. Our goal is to develop our own game ideas and while doing so creating a working environment where everyone feels at home, respected and heard, despite their role and position.

Our first game is a procedural generated survival-rougelike game called “The Way Ahead”. It tackles the topic of the way of refugees and the struggles they must go through. Players will witness different settings of a land that is in turmoil due to different reasons, like war, famine, natural disasters and persecution because of religious beliefs and sexual affiliation. Throughout the game players must secure the safety of the characters they play by gathering resources and making decisions in morally grey events.

Besides developing our own games, we are eager to design and develop any kind of games, take on a consulting role or helping out during a challenging development of your own. So, if you have any kind of idea or project you want to be realized feel free to get in touch with us!

Our Mission

  • Creating awesome and compelling games according to our visions
  • Putting everything we have into our games: Passion, love, motivation and creativity.
  • Establishing a long lasting Game Studio. A home to everyone.

Our Beliefs

  • We welcome everyone to the team, no matter their background and beliefs.
  • Diversity is creativity
  • Every voice is heard, no mather their role and position.
  • Valuing every department and aspect of our company.


Game Design and Development

Designing and developing high quality and captivating games.

2D and 3D Art

Creating high quality and individual art assets.


Custom sound design, music and voice recordings

Assistance and Advisory

Assisting your design and development process or taking on an advisory role.


Unity Developer (div/f/m)

Looking for a Unity Developer for our procedural generated survival-rougelike game "The Way Ahead".

Internship - Unity Developer (div/f/m)

Internship role for our first game "The Way Ahead".

Speculative Application (div/f/m)

If there is no fiting role for you, you can always send us your application with your desired role you are seeking. We will get to you as soon as possible.


Get in touch

Dreamcloud Interactive UG

Mörikestraße 28/2

71636 Ludwigsburg


+49 172 69 200 14